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Please, do not kill creativity

It’s been a long time since I thought I wanted to open a new site, and here I am. From all the ideas I have on what this will be all about, I thougt that the nexus relating all of them may be just one: creativity.

Isn’t it true that in our everyday life we fight against time from sunrise to sunset? I work in a creative field (architecture) and I have to give account of what I employ my time in during all day, with the preassure that comes with it. Maybe it works in terms of organization, but sometimes I feel I’d like to have more freedom in order to get more creative.

So here I am, opening the window from a place where time doesn’t count.

Please feel free to whatch the video below, I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me.

( Video via CaféCommunity )

P.S.  Meet Jur in a Jar far better!



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