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Balboa waistcoat

If you are thinking on buying a waistcoat to match your everyday outfits, please, don’t do it. You can knit this amazing Balboa Waistcoat. Maybe it scares you at first, but believe me, you can do it!

I decided this must be the first project I published here because some of my close friends were quite impressed with the results – the reason why I thought you might also like it. The pattern belongs to Purl Alpaca Designs, and it is a project where you’ll learn the short rows techique ending up with a TOP waistcoat knitted by yourself.

I wear this waistcoat mostly with jeans, although in this case I wanted to try it with a long skirt, and it worked! If you download the pattern, please don’t run away all freaked out.  Let me tell you a secret, it is so clearly explained! I have to admit I knitted it all on a row, but then I waited until the next winter to sew it, I guess this has something to do with my personal problems with sewing. Maybe you think it doesn’t make sense, but, believe me, in the end it wasn’t that difficult, as you can see.




If you didn’t know about the Purl Alpaca Designs people, I highly recommend you visit their webpage. They sell from high quality pure alpaca yarns to patterns and knitting kits. Altough I’m willing to knit with their wonderful yarns, in this case I opted for another amazing one from Phildar.

If only this peace of information suits you, I used about 6 yarn balls to knit a size S, and I’m about 154cm high, medium sized in general. The pattern is amazing, it suits me completelly.

I hope you enjoy my results, and if you decide to try on, I’m here to help. 🙂

Yes, we knit! The section where you’ll find my knitting projects. Hope you enjoy!





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