Hello! My name is Georgina and they call me Jur, but that’s not my name, that’s not my name.

I was born surrounded by books from foreign locations. Asterix&Obelix showed me Egypt, Rome or Greece. That’s probably the reason why I’ve always been fascinated by our Heritage, and why I ended up studying Constructing Architecture, specialized in Restoration and Diagnosis.

I’ve been working as a Constructing Architect since 2011 and now I can say that finally my collection of LEGO Construction Machines makes sense : )

Recently, I’ve begun my studies at KLC on Interior Design, as the ELLE Decor addict I’ve always been. I hope I can share the delight for my home to be a description of me with you.

Above from that, now you are in Jur in a Jar, the place where you can meet me from a different point of view.

In Jur outside the jar I’ll share with you my latest trips. Travelling keeps me alive and when I travel, my camera is usually one of my best pals. Before going somewhere, I always look up for a lot of infomation, so I thought, why shouldn’t I share mine?

In Jur inside the jar you’ll find what I do indoors, mainly my DIY projects, specially regarding to knitting.

And everything will be seasoned with a bit of music and soul. Please, do not hesitate, come in, take a sit and feel as comfy as at home.





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